Water Reuse


Wastewater is not just sewage.  All the water used in homes, restaurants, businesses, and industries that goes down the drains or into the sewage collection system is wastewater.  This includes water from baths, showers, sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, and toilets.  The average American generates 66 - 192 gallons of wastewater each day. 

Wastewater is approximately 95% water.  The rest is composed of a variety of constituents including bacteria, organic and inorganic matter, dissolved solids (such as salts, pharmaceuticals, drugs, etc.), and toxins.  It is the last 5% that is detrimental to receiving waters, ecosystems, and human health.  Wastewater treatment facilities are designed to clean up the harmful constituents and return the water to a safe, reusable state.